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Ohio Congress
Ohio House Ohio Senate
OCRC Statehouse Unity Maps Breakdown
Ohio House Ohio Senate
44 Democratic seats 15 Democratic seats
55 Republican seats 18 Republican seats

If passed, these unity maps would mark the first time where we have actual, realistic maps that reflect how Ohioans vote - not maps that have been gerrymandered to privilege a certain political majority.

Fair, representative maps must reflect how Ohioans actually vote. Over the last decade, Ohio Republicans have only captured about 55% of the statewide vote. Ohio Republicans currently hold supermajorities at the Statehouse, but they are not winning supermajorities of the statewide vote. That’s not fair or reasonable.

At the state legislative level, maps must include at least 44 Democratic House seats (out of 99 seats) and 15 Democratic Senate seats (out of 33 seats).

Ohioans want a transparent process we can trust, where communities remain whole and where voters’ representational power hasn't been diluted by “packing and cracking,” especially Black voters.

The Commission reviewed proposed maps to ensure that minority voters were fairly represented. The proposed map has 15 districts in the Ohio House and 6 districts in the Ohio Senate where Black voters have a substantial opportunity to be represented electorally.

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